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Saturday, April 25, 2009

“Effectiveness Of Harsh Questioning Is Unclear; Detainee May Have Faced Few Traditional Tactics”: This article will appear Sunday in The Washington Post.

And Sunday’s edition of The Los Angeles Times will contain an article headlined “CIA reportedly declined to closely evaluate harsh interrogations; Current and former U.S. officials say the failure to carefully examine the value of ‘enhanced’ methods like waterboarding — despite calls to do so as early as 2003 — was part of a broader trend.”

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“At Whitman, A Protest Over Poet’s Lifestyle”: The Washington Post today contains an article that begins, “A group of seven congregants from Topeka, Kan., set up outside Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda yesterday to protest the sexual orientation of the poet for whom the school was named.”

Perhaps next these protestors will target the Walt Whitman Bridge, connecting south Philadelphia and Gloucester City, New Jersey.

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“Amid Outcry on Memo, Signer’s Private Regret; Friends Say Judge Wasn’t Proud of Outcome”: This front page article about Ninth Circuit Judge Jay S. Bybee appears today in The Washington Post.

Today’s edition of that newspaper also contains articles headlined “In 2002, Military Agency Warned Against ‘Torture’; Extreme Duress Could Yield Unreliable Information, It Said“; “Cheney Requests Release of 2 CIA Reports on Interrogations“; and “Pentagon to Release Prisoner Abuse Photos,” along with an editorial entitled “Eyes Wide Shut: The Bush administration repeatedly ignored warnings about its detainee interrogation policies.”

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“What do you expect? It’s talk radio, court says.” Today in The San Francisco Chronicle, Bob Egelko has an article that begins, “A federal appeals court had some advice Friday for anyone whose reputation gets trashed on talk radio: Don’t bother suing for slander, because no one reasonably expects objective facts from the typical talk show host.”

You can access yesterday’s ruling of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit at this link.

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