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Monday, April 1, 2013

“Confirmation Hearing Set for D.C. Circuit Nominee”: At “The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times,” Todd Ruger has a post that begins, “U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit nominee Sri Srinivasan will get a confirmation hearing this month, and he’s receiving more support from some top Washington lawyers.”

And in related news, The Associated Press reports that “Bipartisan group pushes appeals judge confirmation.”

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“Guantanamo Hunger Strikers Will Achieve Goals ‘Or Die Trying,’ Lawyer Says”: Ryan J. Reilly of The Huffington Post has this report.

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“Legal Hitch Blocks Challenge to Sex Offender Status”: Adam Liptak will have this new installment of his “Sidebar” column in Tuesday’s edition of The New York Times.

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“Aereo wins major court battle against TV networks; A remarkably tech-savvy decision”: T.C. Sottek has this blog post at The Verge discussing the ruling that a divided three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit issued today.

Update: In other coverage, Erin Geiger Smith of Reuters reports that “U.S. appeals court denies broadcaster request to shut Aereo.”

Bloomberg News reports that “Diller-Backed Aereo Beats Network Bid to Close TV Service.”

The Associated Press reports that “NY appeals court OKs Aereo live television service.”

At’s “Threat Level” blog, David Kravets has a post titled “Cord-Cutters Rejoice: Internet TV Streaming Wins Big in Court.”

At Ars Technica, Timothy B. Lee has a report headlined “Appeals court upholds legality of Aereo’s ‘tiny antennas’ scheme; Ludicrous metaphysics produce sensible policy result.”

And at the “Hollywood, Esq.” blog of The Hollywood Reporter, Eriq Gardner has a post titled “Aereo Beats Broadcasters in Big Appellate Ruling; Critics predicted that a victory for Barry Diller’s Aereo would irreparably harm the TV industry, but the Second Circuit refuses to shut it down.”

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“Tax-exempt status for nonprofit hospitals at stake in Pennsylvania”: Terry Baynes of Reuters has an article that begins, “Members of the Pennsylvania legislature are pushing back against a state Supreme Court decision that made it more difficult for hospitals to prove they are nonprofit organizations deserving of tax-exempt status.”

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Access online today’s Order List of the U.S. Supreme Court: The Court has posted the Order List at this link. The Court granted review in one new case.

In addition, the Court issued a unanimous, per curiam summary reversal of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in Marshall v. Rodgers, No. 12-382.

At “SCOTUSblog,” Lyle Denniston has a post titled “Case granted on venue issue.”

And in early news coverage, The Associated Press reports that “High court denies appeal from ex-prof in Colorado“; “Court leaves in place rule for ads on airfares“; and “Court turns down appeal over weapons sentences.”

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“Judges, Politics and George Soros: Judicial selection shouldn’t be left to the lawyers guild.” This editorial appears today in The Wall Street Journal.

You can freely access the full text of the editorial via Google News.

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“Arizona appeal aims to salvage part of controversial SB 1070 immigration law”: Howard Fischer has this article today in The Arizona Daily Star.

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