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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

“Justices Hear Case of Indian Child Caught in Custody Fight”: Adam Liptak will have this article Wednesday in The New York Times.

Robert Barnes of The Washington Post reports that “Supreme Court conflicted about what law dictates for Baby Veronica.”

Richard Wolf of USA Today has an article headlined “Native American adoption case creates high court rift; The Indian Child Welfare Act was intended to prevent the breakup of Native American families and tribes; Has it gone too far?

The Post and Courier of Charleston, South Carolina has a news update headlined “Attorneys in Veronica case warn Supreme Court of decision’s effects.”

Chris Casteel of The Oklahoman has a news update headlined “U.S. Supreme Court wrestles with case of Cherokee child at center of adoption dispute; Justices appear torn about whether a federal law passed in 1978 should give an Oklahoma man the right to take his biological daughter from a couple that raised her for more than two years.”

Bill Mears of reports that “Supreme Court tackles Native American adoption dispute.”

Lawrence Hurley of Reuters reports that “Justices struggle in weighing American Indian adoption case.”

Marcia Coyle of The National Law Journal reports that “Justices Struggle With Indian Adoption Case.”

On this evening’s broadcast of NPR’s “All Things Considered,” Nina Totenberg had an audio segment titled “Emotions Run High As Supreme Court Hears Adoption Case.”

And at the “School Law” blog of Education Week, Mark Walsh has a post titled “American Indian Education Legacy Cited in Bitter Custody Case.”

You can access at this link the transcript of today’s U.S. Supreme Court oral argument in Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl, No. 12-399.

Posted at 11:25 PM by Howard Bashman