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Thursday, June 6, 2013

“Obama’s Civil-Liberties Record Questioned; Phone Surveillance Cited as Latest Failure by President to Uphold Rights; Others Say Tactic Is Crucial in Fighting Terrorism”: Peter Nicholas and Jess Bravin will have this article in Friday’s edition of The Wall Street Journal.

Spencer Ackerman of The Guardian (UK) has an article headlined “Fisa chief judge defends integrity of court over Verizon records collection; Reggie Walton tells the Guardian claims Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court ‘is a rubber stamp [are] absolutely false.’

And Lawrence Hurley of Reuters reports that “Verizon order casts spotlight on secretive U.S. surveillance court.”

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“Same-Sex Marriage Should Be States’ Call, Most in Poll Say”: Friday’s edition of The New York Times will contain this article.

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“Prosecutor who got ‘Hulk’ email from federal judge leaves Justice Department; Lawyer suggests message was about discrimination lawsuit”: This article appears today in The Des Moines Register.

Yesterday, I had this related post.

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“Supreme Court Justice Scalia Delivers An Important Talk On Economics”: Alejandro Chafuen has this blog post at

I previously linked to the audio of Justice Scalia’s remarks in this post.

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“Miami Herald reporter covers Guantanamo Bay for 12 years, with no end in sight”: Al Tompkins of Poynter’s “Al’s Morning Meeting” has this report.

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“Oklahoma lawsuit reform measure tossed out; Oklahoma Supreme Court rules Comprehensive Lawsuit Reform Act of 2009 violates the state constitution’s single-subject rule”: This article appeared yesterday in The Oklahoman.

The Tulsa World reported yesterday that “State supreme court invalidates ’09 lawsuit reform law, calls it logrolling.”

And Reuters reports that “Oklahoma’s high court says tort reform law unconstitutional.”

You can access Tuesday’s ruling of the Supreme Court of Oklahoma at this link.

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“DOJ Asks D.C. Circuit to Uphold Lobbyist Ban”: Andrew Ramonas has this post today at “The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times.”

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