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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

“Fisa court oversight: a look inside a secret and empty process; Obama and other NSA defenders insist there are robust limitations on surveillance but the documents show otherwise.” Glenn Greenwald has this essay online at The Guardian (UK).

Posted at 8:26 PM by Howard Bashman

“Court upholds Arizona law that denies bail to certain immigrants”: Maura Dolan of The Los Angeles Times has this news update.

The Associated Press reports that “Appeals court upholds ruling on Arizona’s bail law.”

And at her “Trial Insider” blog, Pamela A. MacLean reports that “Arizona No-Bail Law for Alien Arrestees Upheld.”

You can access today’s ruling of a divided three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit at this link.

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“Judge urges new approach for Gitmo detainee cases”: The Associated Press has a report that begins, “A federal appeals court judge Tuesday called on the president and Congress to consider a different approach to the handling of legal cases of Guantanamo Bay prisoners.”

The AP’s report focuses on an opinion concurring in the judgment that accompanied a ruling that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit issued today.

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“Supreme Court rejects Kopp’s bid to have murder conviction overturned”: The Buffalo News has an article that begins, “James C. Kopp, the anti-abortion zealot who fatally shot an Amherst physician nearly 15 years ago, lost his latest — and likely last — bid to have his convictions overturned at the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday.”

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“Google challenges U.S. gag order, citing First Amendment”: The Washington Post has a news update that begins, “Google asked the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court on Tuesday to ease long-standing gag orders over data requests it makes, arguing that the company has a constitutional right to speak about information it’s forced to give the government.”

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“The Next Citizens United? The Supreme Court tackles a new frontier in campaign finance law.” Jeremy P. Jacobs has this article in Campaigns & Elections.

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“David Boies On Gay Marriage Ruling: Opponents Likely Don’t Have Standing.” Sam Stein of The Huffington Post has this report.

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“Supreme Court to resolve circuit split on timing of appeals”: Alison Frankel’s “On the Case” from Thomson Reuters News & Insight has this report.

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“Clarence Thomas, Liberal: In the strange world of the Supreme Court, sometimes being an archconservative can turn you into a liberal.” Mark Joseph Stern has this jurisprudence essay online at Slate.

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“FBI Looks for Leaks at Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court; Investigators still do not know if the FISA system has been compromised, or if Edward Snowden was the source of the Verizon warrant published by the ‘Guardian'”: Eli Lake of The Daily Beast has this report.

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“McConnell To Reid: If You Go Nuclear On Nominations, I’ll Go Nuclear On Everything When I’m Majority Leader.” Sahil Kapur of TPM DC has this report.

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