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Monday, July 1, 2013

“The Chief Justice Wants the Supreme Court to Stop Talking So Much; What an off-the-cuff comment by John Roberts says about the level of transparency in the judiciary, and how — slowly — it may be starting to change”: Andrew Cohen has this essay online today at The Atlantic.

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“SCOTUS’s Prop 8 ruling will complicate ballot initiative process”: Alison Frankel’s “On the Case” from Thomson Reuters News & Insight has this report today.

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“What Paula Deen Could Teach John Roberts: One week, two visions of Southern progress.” Chuck Thompson has this essay online today at The New Republic.

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“EPA wants Supreme Court to take case dealing with timing of suits challenging regulations”: Jeremy P. Jacobs of Greenwire has this report today.

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“Bound Together on the Court, but by Beliefs, not Gender”: Adam Liptak will have this new installment of his “Sidebar” column in Tuesday’s edition of The New York Times.

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Access online this year’s installment of MoloLamken LLP’s “Supreme Court Business Briefing”: The report, issued today, can be accessed here.

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“From Aspen: Justice Kagan calls surveillance cases ‘growth industry.'” Alison Frankel’s “On the Case” from Thomson Reuters News & Insight has this report. Additional coverage can be accessed here and here.

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“SCOTUSblog founder shares tips for business development and marketing”: Today, the ABA Journal has posted online this podcast featuring Tom Goldstein.

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Thanks to the Ninth Circuit, it’s nearly time for me to skedaddle to Seattle: Late next week, I am scheduled to make my first Ninth Circuit oral argument, before a three-judge panel consisting of Senior Circuit Judge Andrew J. Kleinfeld and Circuit Judges Milan D. Smith, Jr. and N. Randy Smith.

The oral argument will take place at the William K. Nakamura U.S. Courthouse (poster available) in Seattle, Washington, enabling me to make my first visit to Seattle. My son, who departs for his first year of college this fall, will be joining me, but sadly my wife is unable to attend, because she has some preexisting work-related commitments that require her to be elsewhere.

Before I visited New Orleans in March 2009, I asked readers of this blog for recommendations of things to do, places to visit, and restaurants, and this blog’s readers provided me with so very many great recommendations and ideas. Because Seattle, in addition to being a very nice place to visit, is also quite far away, I’m planning to arrive a couple of days early and head home a couple of days after the oral argument. That will enable us not only to see the Seattle Mariners host the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, but it will also leave other free time to visit the city and have some fun.

Readers who wish to offer recommendations of places to eat and/or things to do and places to visit in Seattle are invited to forward those suggestions to me at this blog’s email address. Thank you!

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“Ginsburg, Thomas spar over race; court likely to get more affirmative-action cases”: Robert Barnes has this new installment of his “The High Court” column in today’s edition of The Washington Post.

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“UC programs in lieu of affirmative action show limited success; UC has struggled to enroll more blacks and Latinos since a state ban on race-based admissions, an issue central to a recent Supreme Court case”: This article appears today in The Los Angeles Times.

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“Supreme Court ‘carjacked the nation’ with same-sex rulings, Perkins says”: The CBS News program “Face the Nation” has this report.

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“Court’s struggle: Consensus vs. polarized rulings.” Law professor Jeffrey Rosen has this op-ed today in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

On Saturday at The Aspen Institute’s Aspen Ideas Festival, Rosen interviewed Justice Elena Kagan. You can view the interview online at YouTube by clicking here. And in a related post, yesterday at his blog “Hercules and the Umpire,” Senior U.S. District Judge Richard G. Kopf had a post titled “Justice Kagan’s must read blog.”

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