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Friday, April 25, 2014

“U.S. Appeals Court Issues Mixed Ruling Reviving Apple Patent Claims Against Motorola Mobility; Decision Could Hurt iPhone Maker in Separate Smartphone Patent Case Against Samsung”: Brent Kendall and Don Clark will have this article in Saturday’s edition of The Wall Street Journal. You can freely access the full text of the article via Google.

And at Gigaom, Jeff John Roberts has a post titled “In Apple-Google case, court blows off famous judge’s plea for patent sanity; Judge Richard Posner tried to put a stop to silly patent lawsuits over smartphones; Unfortunately, the country’s patent court — which has helped to create many patent problems in the first place — is having none of it.”

My earlier coverage of today’s Federal Circuit ruling appears at this link.

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“How ‘Affirmative Action’ Acquired Its Meaning”: Ben Zimmer has this essay online at The Wall Street Journal.

You can freely access the full text of the essay via Google.

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“Supreme Court rejects Harper government’s Senate overhaul plan”: Sean Fine of The Toronto Globe and Mail has a news update that begins, “The Supreme Court of Canada has unanimously rejected the Conservative government’s attempt to transform the Senate into an elected body, and to set term limits of nine years, saying that such basic changes require the consent of at least seven provinces and half of Canadians.”

And The Toronto Star has a news update headlined “Supreme Court rejects Harper government proposals for Senate reform.”

You can access today’s ruling of the Supreme Court of Canada at this link.

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“The Puzzle of Paying Amy: Congress has to fix the problem with restitution for child pornography victims that stumped the Supreme Court.” Law professor Eric Posner has this essay online at Slate.

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“U.S. court may consider delay of Apple e-books damages trial”: Reuters has a report that begins, “A U.S. appeals court will consider Apple Inc’s request to put off a July trial to determine how much the iPad maker must pay in damages to customers in more than two dozen states over e-book price fixing.”

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“In legal matters, are smartphones too chatty for your own good?” Michael Doyle of McClatchy Washington Bureau has this report.

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“William J. Holloway, Jr., 1923-2014”: At his “TaxProf Blog,” Paul Caron has a post that begins, “William Judson Holloway, Jr., former Chief Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, died this morning surrounded by his family.”

And The Associated Press reports that “Federal appeals judge Holloway dies in Oklahoma.”

You can access Judge Holloway’s official Federal Judicial Center biography at this link.

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“Obama Irks Allies in Judge Picks as Diversity Hits Record”: Mike Dorning of Bloomberg News has this report.

The article begins, “President Barack Obama has named more blacks, Hispanics, women and Asians as federal judges than any of his predecessors. Some of his allies still render a negative verdict: too middle of the road.”

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Federal Circuit issues its latest ruling on Circuit Judge Richard A. Posner‘s work as a trial judge in a patent case: Today a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit issued this ruling in the case captioned Apple Inc. v. Motorola, Inc.

The decisions under review were affirmed-in-part, reversed-in-part, and vacated-in-part, and the case was remanded back to the district court.

In early news coverage, Diane Bartz and Dan Levine of Reuters report that “U.S. appeals court revives an Apple patent lawsuit against Google.”

And Susan Decker of Bloomberg News has a report headlined “Court: Judge Wrong to Toss Apple, Google Patent Claims.”

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“BAMN members speak out against University of Michigan admission policies in on-campus protest”: The Ann Arbor News has this report.

The Detroit News reports that “Protesters at University of Michigan rally blast affirmative action ruling.”

The Detroit Free Press reports that “BAMN holds Ann Arbor protest over court ruling on college admissions.”

And The Michigan Daily reports that “Through protest, BAMN wins meeting with administration.”

In related coverage, at the redesigned “Constitution Daily” blog of the National Constitution Center, Lyle Denniston has a post titled “Constitution Check: Has the Supreme Court ended affirmative action at the college level?

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“Court hears Fla. case on tracking suspect phones”: The Associated Press has a report that begins, “A federal appeals court in South Florida is considering whether investigators are required to obtain a warrant before obtaining cellphone records detailing a suspect’s movements.”

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“Legal analyst details evolution of U.S. Supreme Court’s politics”: Today’s edition of The Lawrence (Kan.) Journal-World contains an article that begins, “CNN’s senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, known for his writing on the U.S. Supreme Court, began his talk Thursday at Kansas University with a reminder that the high court is simply no ‘refuge’ from politics.”

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