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Friday, July 18, 2014

“Utah gets delay on same-sex marriages’ legality”: Lyle Denniston has this post at “SCOTUSblog.”

Jessica Miller of The Salt Lake Tribune has a news update headlined “Supreme Court grants stay in Utah marriage recognition case.”

Dennis Romboy of The Deseret News has an update headlined “Supreme Court issues stay in Utah gay marriage recognition case.”

Adam Liptak of The New York Times has a news update headlined “Justices Say Utah Doesn’t Have to Recognize Gay Marriages.”

And Richard Wolf of USA Today reports that “Supreme Court keeps Utah same-sex marriages on ice.”

You can access today’s order of the U.S. Supreme Court at this link.

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“A weak opinion striking down California’s death penalty”: Orin Kerr has this post today at “The Volokh Conspiracy.”

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“Stanford Losses Not Covered by SIPC, Appeals Court Rules”: Bloomberg News has this report.

Reuters has a report headlined “Stanford’s Ponzi victims cannot file compensation claims: U.S. court.”

And The Wall Street Journal has a news update headlined “SEC Loses Lawsuit Against Brokerage Insurance Fund SIPC; SEC Sought to Force Payments to Victims of Stanford Ponzi Scheme.” You can freely access the full text of the article via Google.

You can access today’s ruling of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit at this link.

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“Gov. says Utah will comply with law if Sotomayor doesn’t grant stay; Both sides in same-sex marriage recognition case await word from Supreme Court”: Dennis Romboy of The Deseret News has this update.

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“Court rules for gay marriage in Oklahoma case”: The Associated Press has a report that begins, “A federal appeals court on Friday ruled Oklahoma must allow gay couples to wed, marking the second time it has found the U.S. Constitution protects same-sex marriage.”

Chris Casteel of The Oklahoman has a news update headlined “Federal appeals court confirms Oklahoma ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional; Court puts same-sex marriages on hold in Oklahoma until U.S. Supreme Court decides whether to hear appeal in Utah or Oklahoma cases.”

The Tulsa World has a news update headlined “Oklahoma’s ban on gay marriage unconstitutional, federal appeals court rules.”

And Richard Wolf of USA Today reports that “Appeals court strikes down Oklahoma gay marriage ban.”

You can access today’s 2-to-1 ruling of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit at this link.

Circuit Judge Jerome A. Holmes issued a 27-page concurring opinion that “endeavors to clarify the relationship between animus doctrine and same-sex marriage laws and to explain why the district court made the correct decision in declining to rely upon the animus doctrine” in striking down Oklahoma’s same-sex marriage ban.

Update: In other coverage, at “SCOTUSblog,” Lyle Denniston has a post titled “Appeals court nullifies another same-sex marriage ban.”

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“Court: Nebraska child porn decision constitutional.” The Associated Press has a report that begins, “A federal appeals court ruled Thursday that a Nebraska man convicted of distributing child pornography when he sent a photo showing the head of an 11-year-old girl on the nude body of an adult woman did not have his free speech rights violated.”

My earlier coverage of yesterday’s Eighth Circuit ruling appears at this link.

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“Georgia Judge Julie Carnes set up for Senate confirmation Monday”: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has an article that begins, “Judge Julie Carnes cleared a U.S. Senate procedural vote Thursday, setting up a confirmation vote Monday to fill a long-vacant seat on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta.”

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“Biggest ‘patent troll’ slapped down hard by appeals court; Dozens of companies were sued over an old Polaroid digital imaging patent”: Joe Mullin of Ars Technica has this report.

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“Newport Beach seeks Supreme Court ruling on sober-living homes; Dispute began in 2008, when city began regulating who could open up sites for recovering addicts”: Lauren Steussy has this article in today’s edition of The Orange County Register.

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