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Saturday, June 16, 2018

“Law societies can deny accreditation to B.C. evangelical university’s law school graduates: Supreme Court.” Sean Fine of The Toronto Globe and Mail has this report.

Alex McKeen of The Toronto Star reports that “Advocates ‘delighted,’ school ‘troubled’ by Trinity Western court decision.”

Glenda Luymes of The Vancouver Sun reports that “Court ruling puts pressure on Trinity Western University to change its community covenant.”

Jim Bronskill of The Canadian Press reports that “Supreme court affirms sexual identity protections in Christian law school decisions.”

Kathleen Harris of CBC News reports that “Trinity Western loses fight for Christian law school as court rules limits on religious freedom ‘reasonable’; Supreme Court of Canada says 7-2 decision will ensure open access for LGBT students.” And Clare Hennig of CBC News has an article headlined “TWU law school ruling: ‘limiting diversity’ or ‘a game-changer for LGBTQ rights’? Supreme Court ruled that law societies do not have to accredit Trinity Western’s students.”

Andrew Weichel and Jon Woodward of CTV have an article headlined “Will Trinity Western update controversial covenant after SCC ruling?

In commentary, online at The Toronto Globe and Mail, Michael Coren has an essay titled “Trinity Western ruling: a stand against harmful LGBTQ discrimination.”

And online at The National Post, Colby Cosh has an essay titled “Does the Supreme Court’s TWU decision herald a more disputatious future? Some might say there was a little crankiness as the nine justices produced four separate decisions, voting 7-2 overall in favour of the law societies.” Chris Selley has an essay titled “Supreme Court strikes a blow against religious freedom with Trinity Western decision; Canadian courts have long protected religious practices they believe to be sincerely held, not necessarily essential or commanded by scripture; This turned that on its head.” And Ray Pennings has an essay titled “The Supreme Court decides that faith is now banned from Canada’s public spaces; We should all prepare ourselves for the sting of once-basic freedoms being increasingly denied.”

The Supreme Court of Canada yesterday issued two related rulings, and you can access them here and here.

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