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Saturday, July 7, 2018

“Donald Trump uses ‘Apprentice style’ approach to find his ideal ‘all-American’ Supreme Court nominee”: Rozina Sabur of The Telegraph (UK) has this report.

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“Blumenthal says Supreme Court nominees by Federalist Society won’t get his vote”: Mary O’Leary of The New Haven Register has this report.

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“Supreme court pick could put 40 years of affirmative action precedent at risk; ‘This is a time for concern’ says law professor with Trump poised to alter the court’s balance after Anthony Kennedy’s resignation”: Caleb Gayle of The Guardian (UK) has this report.

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“Louisiana could lead way in banning abortions if Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade thanks to 2006 law”: Tyler Bridges of The Advocate of Baton Rouge, Louisiana has this report.

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“Supreme Court contender Kethledge enters spotlight as conservatives look for ‘Gorsuch 2.0′”: Mark Berman of The Washington Post has this report.

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“McConnell Tries to Nudge Trump Toward Two Supreme Court Options”: Maggie Haberman and Jonathan Martin of The New York Times have this report.

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“Announcement of Trump Supreme Court choice nears”: Catherine Lucey, Zeke Miller, and Ken Thomas of The Associated Press have this report.

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“A Fatal Flaw as Trump Tries to Remake Health Care: Shortcuts.” In Sunday’s edition of The New York Times, Robert Pear will have an article that begins, “The Trump administration is on a losing streak in court cases challenging its efforts to abruptly change health care policy, but the naming of a new Supreme Court justice could alter the trajectory on some of the most controversial cases, from funding Planned Parenthood to mandating contraceptive coverage.”

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“Closing in on the Next Supreme Court Justice: President Trump will soon name his second pick to the Supreme Court.” Jonathan H. Adler has this post at “The Volokh Conspiracy.”

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“The Argument That Could Reclaim the Supreme Court for Democrats: Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse on the frustrating process of vetting a new Supreme Court justice.” Slate has posted online this new installment of its “Amicus” podcast featuring Dahlia Lithwick.

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“Broadcast Networks Adjust Monday Schedules For Donald Trump’s Primetime Supreme Court Announcement”: Denise Petski of Deadline has this report.

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“Is the Conservative Movement for Supreme Court Reform Dead? It shouldn’t be.” J.J. McCullough has this essay online at National Review.

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“States Aren’t Waiting for the Supreme Court to Solve Gerrymandering: In Ohio, voters ratified a bipartisan deal that gives the minority party more say in how congressional maps are drawn.” Erick Trickey has this report at Politico Magazine.

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“The Supreme Court Needs A Justice With Amul Thapar’s Experience And Middle American Common Sense”: Johnny Sutton and Marty Jackley have this essay online at The Daily Caller.

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“Religious liberty becomes a main focus for conservatives in Supreme Court nomination”: Amy Goldstein of The Washington Post has this report.

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“D.C. Circuit Review — Reviewed: Under No Circumstances Should President Trump Nominate *This Judge* to the Supreme Court.” Aaron Nielson has this post at the “Notice & Comment” blog of the Yale Journal on Regulation.

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“Wisconsin Supreme Court sides with Marquette professor John McAdams in free speech case”: Karen Herzog and Bruce Vielmetti have this front page article in today’s edition of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Melissa Korn of The Wall Street Journal reports that “Wisconsin High Court Backs Marquette Professor in Academic Free-Speech Case; Court finds against school for disciplining professor over criticism of fellow instructor that led to threats.”

At Marquette Wire, Clara Janzen and Morgan Hughes report that “Wisconsin Supreme Court rules in McAdams’ favor, remands case back to Circuit Court to award damages.” And Morgan Hughes reports that “Marquette agrees to comply with court ruling, raises precedent concerns.”

Ivan Moreno of The Associated Press reports that “Wisconsin high court sides with fired conservative professor.”

Shawn Johnson of Wisconsin Public Radio reports that “Wisconsin Supreme Court Sides With McAdams In Dispute With Marquette; Court’s 4-2 Majority Orders Professor To Be Reinstated With Back Pay.”

Vimal Patel of The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that “Wisconsin Court Sides With Professor Who Was Suspended After Blogging About a Student.”

Colleen Flaherty of Inside Higher Ed reports that “Divided Wisconsin Supreme Court Backs Marquette Faculty Blogger; Ruling says university must immediately reinstate a professor it wanted to fire for criticizing a graduate student by name on his blog.”

At “The Volokh Conspiracy,” Eugene Volokh has a blog post titled “Marquette University ‘Breached Its Contract with Dr. McAdams When It Suspended Him for Engaging in Activity Protected by the Contract’s Guarantee of Academic Freedom’; So holds [yesterday’s] important Wisconsin Supreme Court decision, by a 4-2 vote.”

And in commentary, today’s edition of The Wall Street Journal contains an editorial titled “Marquette’s Black Eye: A professor’s victory for contracts and academic freedom.”

You can access yesterday’s 4-to-2 ruling of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin at this link.

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