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Friday, August 31, 2018

“The Impeached President: Ken Starr led the investigation that almost brought down Bill Clinton. Now he tells his side of the story — and sees lessons for today.” Ken Starr will have this essay — in which he mentions D.C. Circuit Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh — in Saturday’s edition of The Wall Street Journal.

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“Brett Kavanaugh’s Record Shows Push to Restrain the Regulatory State; The Senate on Sept. 4 will begin grilling President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee; A look at his writings reveals what senators will likely find”: Jess Bravin and Brent Kendall of The Wall Street Journal have this report.

And Bravin and Kendall also have an article headlined “The Case That Shaped Brett Kavanaugh’s Thinking on Presidential Power: Court nominee has repeatedly cited ‘Humphrey’s Executor’ as a dilution of president’s executive branch authority.”

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“Do Public School Students Have Constitutional Rights? The Supreme Court used to answer with a resounding yes. In recent decades, regrettably, it has changed its mind.” Law professor Justin Driver has this essay online at The New York Times.

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“Inside Kavanaugh’s hearing prep: Mock hearings and faux protesters; The White House is setting up a pair of war rooms in which aides will provide rapid responses as the Supreme Court nominee testifies next week.” Andrew Restuccia, Elana Schor, and Lorraine Woellert of Politico have this report.

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“‘Liberal Feminist Lawyer’ Stands To Gain From Her Public Advocacy For Brett Kavanaugh; Lisa Blatt is a corporate lawyer and conveniently, Brett Kavanaugh is expected to be a pro-corporate justice”: Amanda Terkel of HuffPost has this report.

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“How Modern Medicine Has Changed the Supreme Court; Longer lives, longer terms and tougher nomination fights, as well as a premium on youth”: Physicians Dhruv Khullar and Anupam B. Jena have this post at “The Upshot” blog of The New York Times.

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“Donald Trump’s legal woes shadow Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh before confirmation hearing”: Richard Wolf of USA Today has this report.

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