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Saturday, September 8, 2018

“Auditors release report on Supreme Court ahead of impeachment trials”: In today’s edition of The Charleston (W. Va.) Gazette-Mail, Lacie Pierson has a front page article that begins, “Not only did the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals spend down $29 million during a 3-year period, but actions by sitting chief justices on the court caused the state to make false reports with the IRS, according to a legislative audit report released Friday. The report also includes updated costs for renovations to the court, including what the report says was a total of $1.9 million in renovations for five justices’ chambers combined, according to auditors in the Legislative Auditor’s Office Post Audit Division, who prepared the report.”

Today’s newspaper also contains an article headlined “Walker asks WV Senate to dismiss impeachment article.”

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“Kavanaugh Protesters Come Dangerously Close to Self-Indulgence; The shouting is theater, but a clearheaded strategy can make it effective”: Law professor Stephen L. Carter has this essay online at Bloomberg View.

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“Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Hearing Didn’t Change Anything — After a week of political theater in the Senate Judiciary Committee, President Trump’s nominee is back where he started: on his way to the Supreme Court.” Emma Green of The Atlantic has this report.

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“As Hearings End, Democrats Accuse Supreme Court Nominee of Dissembling”: Charlie Savage and Sheryl Gay Stolberg have this article in today’s edition of The New York Times. Carl Hulse has a new installment of his “On Washington” column headlined “Democrats Sow Disorder in the Senate Over Kavanaugh and the Court.” Sabrina Tavernise has an article headlined “The Future of Abortion Under a New Supreme Court? Look to Arkansas.” And the newspaper contains an editorial titled “Confirmed: Brett Kavanaugh Can’t Be Trusted; A perfect nominee for a president with no clear relation to the truth.”

In today’s edition of The Washington Post, Michael Kranish has an article headlined “Leahy says Kavanaugh was ‘not truthful’ about Democratic documents.” And Seung Min Kim has an article headlined “Kavanaugh hearing: John Dean warns of a Supreme Court overly deferential to presidential power.”

In today’s edition of The Los Angeles Times, Sarah D. Wire and Jennifer Haberkorn have a front page article headlined “Kavanaugh hearings showcase the starkly different political styles of Sens. Feinstein and Harris.”

Richard Wolf of USA Today has articles headlined “Supporters laud and opponents decry Brett Kavanaugh as Supreme Court confirmation hearing concludes” and “Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh tiptoes through legal minefields on way to confirmation.” And the newspaper has published an editorial titled “Brett Kavanaugh lives up to ‘human incarnation of a vanilla ice cream cone.’

Today’s edition of The Wall Street Journal contains an editorial titled “Senate Democratic Infowars: The questioning of Brett Kavanaugh was often as factual as Alex Jones.”

And Alex Swoyer of The Washington Times has an article headlined “Bar association lauds Kavanaugh: ‘What we saw was an allegiance to the law.’

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“In Defense of the Country Lawyer: Is Jeff Sessions a ‘dumb Southerner’ because he didn’t go to an Ivy League school? A law professor on President Trump’s contempt for the attorney general.” Law professor Ronald J. Krotoszynski Jr. has this op-ed in today’s edition of The New York Times.

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