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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

“Political nonprofits must now name many of their donors under federal court ruling after Supreme Court declines to intervene”: Michelle Ye Hee Lee and Robert Barnes of The Washington Post have this report.

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“Team Trump: If We Ditch Kavanaugh, We’re Signing Our Own ‘Death Warrant’; It’s Judge Kavanaugh or bust.” Lachlan Markay, Asawin Suebsaeng, and Sam Stein of The Daily Beast have this report.

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“Brett Kavanaugh Should Call for a Public Investigation of the Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Him; Without a full probe, Kavanaugh could, like Justice Thomas, ascend to the Court with a permanent cloud over him”: Andrew Cohen has this essay online at the Brennan Center for Justice.

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“At next Kavanaugh hearing, the stakes are higher than a Supreme Court seat; The ‘Me Too’ movement, President Donald Trump, the two political parties, ambitious lawmakers and the institution of the Senate — they’ve all got something big on the line”: Jonathan Allen of NBC News has this report.

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“Caution, the Kavanaugh mess may never be resolved satisfactorily”: Columnist Megan McArdle has this essay online at The Washington Post.

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“Should Brett Kavanaugh Withdraw? The political interest of the country might be better served with a nominee who didn’t have to be confirmed under a cloud of suspicion.” Columnists Frank Bruni and Ross Douthat have this written conversation online at The New York Times.

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“What’s ahead for West Virginia’s Supreme Court impeachment trials”: Brad McElhinny of West Virginia’s MetroNews has this report.

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“Brett Kavanaugh high school yearbook raises new questions about Supreme Court nominee”: Adam Longo of Washington, DC’s CBS affiliate WUSA9 has a report that begins, “Amid accusations of sexual assault against a woman while in high school, the high school yearbook of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has prompted more questions about his character.”

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“Senators Get Their Message Out Ahead of Brett Kavanaugh Hearing; Assault allegation against Supreme Court nominee spurs competing narratives by GOP, Democrats”: Kristina Peterson, Natalie Andrews, and Byron Tau of The Wall Street Journal have this report.

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“Trump claims FBI does not want to investigate sexual assault allegation against Kavanaugh”: Jonathan Allen of NBC News has this report.

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“No. 2 Senate Republican sharply questions credibility of Kavanaugh accuser”: John Wagner, Seung Min Kim, and Robert Costa of The Washington Post have this report.

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“Kavanaugh accuser has not yet agreed to attend hearing”: Elana Schor, Burgess Everett, and Eliana Johnson of Politico have this report.

Burgess Everett and John Bresnahan of Politico report that “McConnell works feverishly behind the scenes to save Kavanaugh; The Senate leader’s legacy on the judiciary is on the line.”

And Ben Schreckinger and Daniel Lippman of Politico report that “Power elite of suburban Washington split over Kavanaugh allegations; Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee and accuser Christine Blasey Ford both come from well-known families in the D.C. suburbs.”

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“How to Get the Kavanaugh Hearings Right: The Senate Judiciary Committee has a chance to do better by the country than it did nearly three decades ago.” Anita Hill has this essay online at The New York Times.

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“Grassley says Monday’s hearing will be limited to two witnesses: Kavanaugh and his accuser.” John Wagner of The Washington Post has this report.

And in today’s edition of that newspaper, Paul Kane has an article headlined “Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill showdown shadows Senate in Kavanaugh nomination.”

Columnist Michael Gerson has an op-ed titled “Kavanaugh’s nomination now hangs by the thinnest of strings.”

Columnist Dana Milbank has an op-ed titled “This is what happens when you try to jam through a Supreme Court appointment.”

And Monica Hesse has an essay titled “Do we really ‘believe women’? How the Kavanaugh accusation will put a slogan to the test.”

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Access the September 2018 edition of Appellate Issues, a publication of the American Bar Association’s Council of Appellate Lawyers: At this link. This long-awaited publication contains summaries of the programming from the 2017 Appellate Judges Education Institute Summit, which took place last November in Long Beach, California.

You can now register online to attend the 2018 AJEI Summit, taking place in Atlanta from November 8-11, 2018. I once again served on the Summit’e education committee, and I will be the moderator of a session on Saturday, November 10th titled “Crossing the Bar in 140 Characters or Less: Should Judges Use Social Media to Engage with the Public?” featuring Chief Judge Stephen Dillard of the Georgia Court of Appeals.

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“Pensacola to Supreme Court: Historic cross can fix First Amendment dross; Historic World War II-era cross heads to the Supreme Court.” The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty issued this news release about a petition for writ of certiorari the organization’s lawyers filed yesterday in the U.S. Supreme Court. Law professor Michael W. McConnell appears as co-counsel for petitioners.

And in related news coverage, Jim Little of The Pensacola News Journal has an article headlined “Pensacola mayor candidates say Bayview Park cross can stay in park through private lease” that begins, “No matter the outcome of the Bayview Park cross lawsuit, the cross will likely remain in the park. Both candidates for Pensacola mayor said they support having a private group take over the land in Bayview Park on which the cross is located in a move to keep the cross at the city park.”

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“The Machinery of Death Is Back on the Docket: Two Supreme Court cases this fall pose hard questions about the death penalty.” Law professor Garrett Epps has this essay online at The Atlantic.

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