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Sunday, March 3, 2019

“5 things to know about Georgia death row case with ‘racist juror'”: Bill Rankin of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has an article that begins, “The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday is expected to decide whether it will reopen an appeal brought by Georgia inmate Keith Tharpe who contends a juror’s racist views prejudiced his decision to send Tharpe to death row.”

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“McGahn joins global law firm — and remains involved in Trump’s judicial choices”: Robert Costa of The Washington Post has this report.

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“On Bourbon Street, battle of Huge Ass Beers vs. Giant Ass Beer lands in New Orleans court”: Ian McNulty of The New Orlean Advocate has this report.

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“Des Moines’ dangerous animal ordinance is affirmed when the Supreme Court deadlocks, putting Pinky the dog back in limbo”: Lucas Grundmeier of The Des Moines Register has this report on an order that the Supreme Court of Iowa issued on Friday.

Interestingly, precedent from the Supreme Court of Iowa provides that where the Court of Appeals reversed a trial court’s judgment, and the Supreme Court of Iowa is evenly divided on the outcome, it is the trial court’s ruling (rather than the Court of Appeals’ ruling) that is affirmed by an evenly divided court. I am curious to learn whether a deadlock in any other state court of last resort has the effect of affirming the trial court’s judgment where the intermediate appellate court had decided that the trial court’s judgment should be reversed or vacated.

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“Will the Supreme Court Finally Protect the Right Not to Work on the Sabbath? Four decades ago, I witnessed the court fail to protect the religious freedom of employees; Next week, it may finally redeem itself and grant religious Americans the protection they deserve.” Attorney Nathan Lewin has this essay online at Tablet Magazine.

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“Clarence Thomas is right: Here’s why Supreme Court should revisit libel law overreach; The Supreme Court has never given a convincing reason why ‘public figures’ should be treated the same as ‘public officials.'” Law professor Glenn Harlan Reynolds has this essay online at USA Today.

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“Justice Evan Jenkins: $32,000 Supreme Court Couch Is Damaged.” Joselyn King of The Intelligencer of Wheeling, West Virginia has an article that begins, “West Virginia’s infamous $32,000 blue suede couch still sits at the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals — and it has a rip in it, according to new Justice Evan Jenkins.”

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“Five finalists named for open Arizona Supreme Court spot; Bill Montgomery not on the list”: Maria Polletta of The Arizona Republic has this report.

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“Chief Justice Roberts’ recent votes raise doubts about ‘conservative revolution’ on Supreme Court”: Bradford Betz of Fox News has this report.

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“Minnesota Supreme Court taking aim at mental health ‘crisis’ in legal profession; The court is alarmed by high levels of depression, anxiety and stress among practicing attorneys”: Stephen Montemayor has this front page article in today’s edition of The Minneapolis Star Tribune.

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“The Father, the Son and the Holy Buck: A capital case in Alabama raises the question: are you entitled to a conflict-free lawyer?” Andrew Cohen has this essay online at The Marshall Project.

The case is now pending in the U.S. Supreme Court, where the filings can be accessed via this link.

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