How Appealing

Friday, April 5, 2019

“This whistleblower air marshal was fired by TSA, reinstated by Supreme Court, and fired again; Sexually suggestive emojis in a ‘secret’ Facebook chat room are partly why Robert MacLean was dismissed again”: Teri Sforza of The Orange County Register has this report.

Posted at 11:48 PM by Howard Bashman

“The Company We No Longer Keep”: Linda Greenhouse has this guest post at “Balkinization,” as part of that blog’s ongoing symposium on Neal Devins and Lawrence Baum’s new book, “The Company They Keep: How Partisan Divisions Came to the Supreme Court.”

In recent earlier posts that were part of that symposium, John O. McGinnis had a guest post titled “The Supreme Court as the Aristocratic Element of a Mixed Regime.”

And Jack Balkin had a post titled “All Hail Ed Meese!

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“So Yale Law School endorses anti-religious bigotry now? What starts in the ivory tower of academia — including blatant discrimination against religious groups and students — won’t stay there for long.” Samuel Adkisson has this essay online at USA Today.

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