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Thursday, May 9, 2019

“Anger Erupts in Alabama Senate Over Abortion Bill; Bill would make it a felony for doctors to perform an abortion at any point during pregnancy”: Arian Campo-Flores of The Wall Street Journal has this report.

Brian Lyman of The Montgomery Advertiser reports that “Abortion bill delayed as Alabama Senate falls into chaos.”

And Mike Cason of Alabama Media Group reports that “Chaos erupts as Alabama Senate strips rape exception from abortion ban, delays vote.”

Posted at 10:16 PM by Howard Bashman

“Supreme Court replaces 6 of 9 members of Judicial Investigation Commission”: Phil Kable of The Charleston (W. Va.) Gazette-Mail has an article that begins, “A year after investigating four state Supreme Court justices over allegations of violations of judicial ethics, six of nine members of the Judicial Investigation Commission have been replaced, Supreme Court spokeswoman Jennifer Bundy confirmed Thursday.”

Posted at 8:30 PM by Howard Bashman

Things not to say at oral argument? — “Your Honor, I know that you’re not intending to try to humiliate me by that tone.” A reader has emailed to draw to my attention the audio recording of a very interesting oral argument in a noteworthy case that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit conducted on Tuesday.

The quote that is the title of this post was spoken by Thomas G. Ward, Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Civil Division at U.S. Department of Justice, in response to a question from Chief Judge Roger L. Gregory. If you listen to the recording beginning around the 37:00 mark, you will hear that Chief Judge Gregory did not sound especially pleased with attorney Ward’s remark. It must have made for a very interesting post-oral argument handshake session.

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“The Supreme Court, the Census Case and the Truth: Will the justices be the administration’s enablers or form a firewall against its lies?” Linda Greenhouse has this essay online at The New York Times.

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