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Saturday, June 1, 2019

“‘Slouching Toward Gilead’: Surveying legislative assaults on the right to choose and what guides the chief justice’s thinking about abortion.” One week ago today, Slate posted online this new installment of its “Amicus” podcast featuring Dahlia Lithwick.

Lithwick’s guests were law professor Melissa Murray and Joan Biskupic of CNN.

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“What’s going on with the abortion laws? A state-by-state look; A wave of laws passed in 2019 puts a new spotlight on one of the most divisive issues in America.” Jiachuan Wu and Daniel Arkin of NBC News have this interactive report.

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“Oregon Supreme Court throws out nearly 67-year sentences for 15-year-old twins who killed elderly couple in Salem”: Maxine Bernstein of The Oregonian has this report on two rulings (here and here) that the Supreme Court of Oregon issued on Friday.

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“The Supreme Court is deciding a gerrymandering case. Here’s the social science that the justices need to know. Evidence shows that partisan gerrymandering is undermining democratic representation. But it can be diagnosed.” Chris Warshaw has this entry at the “Monkey Cage” blog of The Washington Post.

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“Clarence Thomas’s Dangerous Idea: Does anything link the eugenics of the past to abortion today?” Columnist Ross Douthat will have this op-ed in Sunday’s edition of The New York Times.

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