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Thursday, July 25, 2019

“Push on to nominate Maricopa’s top prosecutor to state supreme court post”: Howard Fischer of The Arizona Daily Star has this report.

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“Reflections on Tushnet, Primus, Gorsuch, and the Law School Curriculum”: Sandy Levinson has this post at the “Balkinization” blog.

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“A Tale of Two District Courts: A new phase for the national injunction?” Samuel Bray has this post at “The Volokh Conspiracy.”

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“Woman can sue Royal Caribbean over alleged gang rape on Oasis of the Seas, court rules”: Ron Hurtibise of The South Florida Sun Sentinel has this report.

Jerry Iannelli of Miami New Times reports that “Royal Caribbean Knew of Sexual Assault Epidemic on Cruises and Did Nothing, Court Says.”

And at his “Cruise Law News” blog, Jim Walker has a post titled “Appellate Court: Royal Caribbean Knew of Serious Problem of Crime, Including Rape, on its Cruise Ships.”

My earlier coverage of yesterday’s Eleventh Circuit ruling can be accessed here.

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“Executive Discretion and Judicial Deference After the Census Case: The Chief Justice’s Tightrope.” David A. Martin has this post at the “Lawfare” blog.

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“Scalia’s challenge: Fiery old writings in a new era of #MeToo; In 1998, Eugene Scalia criticized ‘quid pro quo’ laws designed to hold bad bosses accountable; His writings animated his last Senate confirmation in 2001.” Ian Kullgren and Gabby Orr of Politico have this report.

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“U.S. to Resume Executions of Death-Row Inmates; The federal government has not executed an inmate since 2003, a moratorium reversed by the attorney general”: Katie Benner of The New York Times has this report.

Devlin Barrett of The Washington Post reports that “Justice Department plans to restart capital punishment after long hiatus.”

Sadie Gurman of The Wall Street Journal reports that “Federal Government Set to Resume Executions; Attorney general tells Bureau of Prisons to schedule executions of 5 death-row inmates.”

Kristine Phillips of USA Today reports that “Justice Department resumes capital punishment after nearly two decades, orders executions of five inmates.”

Mike Balsamo of The Associated Press reports that “Justice Dept. will execute inmates for first time since 2003.”

Sarah N. Lynch of Reuters reports that “Justice Department resumes use of death penalty, schedules five executions.”

Joe Sobczyk and Greg Stohr of Bloomberg News report that “Barr Orders U.S. to Resume Executions in Some Federal Cases.”

Daniel Arkin of NBC News reports that “AG Barr orders reinstatement of the federal death penalty; Barr also directed the federal government to schedule the executions of five death-row inmates convicted of murder.”

Tammy Kupperman, Ariane de Vogue. and Veronica Stracqualursi of CNN report that “Barr directs federal government to reinstate death penalty, schedule the execution of 5 death row inmates.”

And Jacqueline Thomsen of The Hill reports that “Trump Justice Department to resume federal executions.”

Today, the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Public Affairs issued a news release titled “Federal Government to Resume Capital Punishment After Nearly Two Decade Lapse; Attorney General William P. Barr Directs the Federal Bureau of Prisons to Adopt an Addendum to the Federal Execution Protocol and Schedule the Executions of Five Death-Row Inmates Convicted of Murdering Children.”

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“Why this law could be a bigger threat to Roe v. Wade than near-total abortion bans: An Arkansas law is less sweeping than bans on abortion in places like Alabama. It could be more dangerous for Roe v. Wade.” Anna North of Vox has this report.

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“This Supreme Court Case Made School District Lines A Tool For Segregation”: Elissa Nadworny had this audio segment on today’s broadcast of NPR’s “Morning Edition.”

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