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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

“Speaking statistically, this GOP donor wants to convince you that money buys justice in Texas; After losing a case at the all-Republican Texas Supreme Court, millionaire Salem Abraham set out to mathematically test the idea that campaign contributions influence the elected justices; Now he wants to change the system”: Emma Platoff of The Texas Tribune has this report.

And Ross Ramsey of The Texas Tribune has a news analysis headlined “The Texas Supreme Court and the ruling class: A well-heeled loser of a lawsuit that went to the Texas Supreme Court did a detailed analysis and concluded that the big law firms that politically support the judges get the best results; Maybe money is the reason, maybe it’s not.”

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“The Supreme Court’s ‘Janus’ decision merits an encore”: Columnist George F. Will has this essay online at The Washington Post.

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New SCOTUS-related podcast episodes: This week’s new episode of the “Strict Scrutiny” podcast is titled “No Jonathans Or Pauls” and features law professors Leah Litman and Melissa Murray and attorney Jaime Santos and their special guests, law professors Sarah Sherman-Stokes and Danielle Citron.

And before you complain about the absence of “big media” from the SCOTUS-related podcast genre, yesterday the Westwood One Podcast Network launched “5-4,” a weekly podcast in which (according to the news release emailed to me) “[e]ach episode focuses on a pivotal case in which the Justices make one of the most important decisions in recent memory.” The first episode is titled “Bush v. Gore.”

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“How the Supreme Court Allows Trump Lawyers to Weaponize Procedure: Premature applications for intervention by the high court quietly enable some of the worst administration policies.” Andrew Cohen has this essay online at the Brennan Center for Justice.

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“Lawrence Wallace, Supreme Court advocate with a famous footnote, dies at 88”: Harrison Smith of The Washington Post has written this obituary.

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“Amy Klobuchar’s Bipartisan Record Includes Voting for Many Trump Judicial Nominees; The Minnesota senator is running for president as a pragmatist; But some Democrats and civil rights groups say she went too far in supporting judges chosen by the current administration”: Lisa Lerer and Nick Corasaniti had this article in yesterday’s issue of The New York Times.

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