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Monday, May 23, 2022

“Gun Possession Ban for People in US Illegally Survives Challenge”: Peter Hayes of Bloomberg Law has a report (subscription required for full access) that begins, “A federal law that bars people living in the US illegally from possessing a firearm doesn’t violate the Second Amendment right to bear arms, the Eleventh Circuit ruled Monday.”

You can access today’s ruling of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit at this link.

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“J&J bankruptcy trustee balks at Neal Katyal’s $2,465 hourly rate”: Karen Sloan and Mike Scarcella of Reuters have this report.

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“Israel’s Supreme Court Had 74 Interns in the Past Two Years. Only One Was Arab. Data requested by Haaretz reveals lack of diversity in the Israeli Supreme Court internship program, with vast majority of interns coming from the same academic institutions and cities.” Chen Maanit of Haaretz has this report.

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“Supreme Court to rule soon on Upstate NY case that could make it easier to carry guns across US”: Chris Libonati of The Post-Standard of Syracuse, New York has this report.

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“Former Iowa Taco Bell worker wins at U.S. Supreme Court in wage-theft lawsuit”: William Morris of The Des Moines Register has this report.

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“Roe v. Wade Must Go for Precedent’s Sake; Stare decisis is too important to be defined by such a poorly reasoned case”: Adam J. White will have this op-ed in Tuesday’s edition of The Wall Street Journal.

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“Supreme Court again declines to rule in abortion case, despite protests; Supreme Court is not rushing to release its opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization”: Ronn Blitzer of Fox News has this report.

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“Biden, Harris pressure on Supreme Court ahead of abortion decision seen as part of a trend”: Alex Swoyer of The Washington Times has this report (subscription required for full access).

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“Supreme Court Limits Inmates’ Challenges Based on Bad Legal Help; Splitting 6 to 3, the justices ruled that federal courts may not hold evidentiary hearings in suits from state prisoners claiming ineffective assistance of counsel”: Adam Liptak of The New York Times has this report.

And Robert Barnes of The Washington Post reports that “High court restricts federal intervention in ineffective-counsel cases; Conservatives make it harder for federal courts to hear such claims from state convictions, prompting stinging dissent.”

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“A Conservative Lawyer’s New Target After Abortion: Affirmative Action; Jonathan F. Mitchell, who helped draft Texas’ six-week abortion ban, has turned his attention to Harvard’s race-conscious admissions program.” Adam Liptak will have this new installment of his “Sidebar” column in Tuesday’s edition of The New York Times.

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“Florida could become a ‘haven state’ for those seeking abortions if Roe v. Wade falls; A new law banning abortion after 15 weeks will be more lenient than those in other states; Planned Parenthood expects a surge in out-of-state cases this summer”: Jane Musgrave of The Palm Beach Post has this report.

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“11th Circuit blocks major provisions of Florida’s social media law; The 11th Circuit Court on Monday ruled it is unconstitutional for Florida to bar social media companies from banning politicians, in a victory for the tech industry”: Cat Zakrzewski of The Washington Post has this report.

And Jennifer Kay of Bloomberg News reports that “Florida Social Media Law Is Partially Blocked After Federal Appeal.”

You can access today’s ruling of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit at this link.

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“Judicial Notice (05.21.22): 2400 Hours; What a Biglaw firm expects from its partners, a female judge who almost never hires women as clerks, and other legal news from the week that was.” David Lat has this post at his “Original Jurisdiction” Substack site.

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“With State Abortion Restrictions Looming, Some Officials Promise Not to Enforce Them; Pledges against enforcement could create patchwork of approaches in more-conservative states”: Laura Kusisto has this article in today’s edition of The Wall Street Journal.

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Access today’s rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court in argued cases: The Court issued rulings in two argued cases.

1. Justice Elena Kagan delivered the opinion for a unanimous Court in Morgan v. Sundance, Inc., No. 21-328. You can access the oral argument via this link.

2. And Justice Clarence Thomas delivered the opinion of the Court in Shinn v. Martinez Ramirez, No. 20-1009. Justice Sonia Sotomayor issued a dissenting opinion, in which Justices Stephen G. Breyer and Elena Kagan joined. You can access the oral argument via this link.

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“A Consequential Gun Ruling After the Buffalo Massacre; The racist killings showed the horror of firearms; the Supreme Court may be about to make the problem worse”: Amy Davidson Sorkin has this Comment in the May 30, 2022 issue of The New Yorker.

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“Dan Markel murder: Katherine Magbanua retrial (Day 4 – May 23).” The Tallahassee Democrat is live-streaming today’s trial proceedings on YouTube via this link.

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