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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

“Why Marc Elrich Won’t Protect Supreme Court Justices; A Maryland official compares his county’s law to Putin’s Russia”: This editorial will appear in Thursday’s edition of The Wall Street Journal.

Posted at 9:27 PM by Howard Bashman

“Majority of Public Disapproves of Supreme Court’s Decision To Overturn Roe v. Wade; 62% of Americans say abortion should be legal in all or most cases, little changed since before the court’s decision”: Pew Research Center has this report.

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“The Supreme Court Saves Politics; The West Virginia and Dobbs decisions free Americans from rule by experts and judges”: Columnist Daniel Henninger will have this op-ed in Thursday’s edition of The Wall Street Journal.

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“Spurred by the Supreme Court, a Nation Divides Along a Red-Blue Axis; On abortion, climate change, guns and much more, two Americas — one liberal, one conservative — are moving in opposite directions”: Jonathan Weisman had this front page article in Sunday’s edition of The New York Times.

Posted at 9:03 PM by Howard Bashman

“Highland Park and an Illegitimate Supreme Court; Recent rulings on gun and abortion rights have revealed a conservative majority executing a long-standing agenda of radical right-wing ideas”: Adam Gopnik has this Daily Comment online at The New Yorker.

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“Non-Party Discovery Appeals & the Collateral-Order Doctrine in the Fifth Circuit; A split Fifth Circuit held that non-party discovery orders rejecting undue-burden claims are not immediately appealable under the collateral-order doctrine; It was a step in the right direction for a circuit that has some questionable caselaw on discovery appeals”: Bryan Lammon has this post at his “final decisions” blog about a decision that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit issued last Thursday.

Posted at 5:11 PM by Howard Bashman

“Christian Nationalists Are Excited About What Comes Next”: Online at The New York Times, Katherine Stewart has a guest essay that begins, “The shape of the Christian nationalist movement in the post-Roe future is coming into view, and it should terrify anyone concerned for the future of constitutional democracy.”

Posted at 8:58 AM by Howard Bashman

“Establishing Religious Freedom: The Establishment Clause has long been used to systematically secularize American society; Those days appear to be over.” Patrick M. Garry has this post at the “Law & Liberty” blog.

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“What Majority Should Rule? On abortion, why should the preference of a majority of Americans prevail over a majority of a state’s voters?” Donald J. Boudreaux has this post at the “Law & Liberty” blog.

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“Still No Peace at the Justices’ Houses; The Supreme Court asks for action under laws against picketing homes”: This editorial appears in today’s edition of The Wall Street Journal.

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