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Wednesday, July 13, 2022

“Now hovering in the background during a risky pregnancy: The doctor’s legal team; Physicians in states with new abortion bans are leaning heavily on lawyers to decide when to terminate life-threatening pregnancies without violating state laws.” Aria Bendix of NBC News has this report.

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“Elite Colleges’ Quiet Fight to Favor Alumni Children; Colleges like Yale and Harvard give a boost to legacy applicants; But with affirmative action under attack, that tradition may become harder to defend”: Stephanie Saul of The New York Times has this report.

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“Teva takes $235 mln ‘skinny label’ dispute with GSK to U.S. Supreme Court”: Blake Brittain of Reuters has this report. You can view the petition for writ of certiorari at this link.

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“Maryland police warn officers will enforce law against disturbing peace outside Supreme Court justices’ homes”: Whitney Wild and Joan Biskupic of CNN have this report.

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“Arrest made in rape of Ohio girl that led to Indiana abortion drawing international attention”: Bethany Bruner. Monroe Trombly, and Tony Cook of The Columbus Dispatch have this report.

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“SCOTUS judges ‘doxxed’ after overturning Roe v Wade; Physical and IP addresses as well as credit card info revealed in privacy breach”: Jessica Lyons Hardcastle of The Register has this report.

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“White House Privately Signaling It’s Moving Forward With Anti-Abortion Court Pick; Despite outcry from Democrats and reproductive rights groups, Biden isn’t backing off plans to nominate Chad Meredith, a source tells HuffPost”: Jennifer Bendery of HuffPost has this report.

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In honest-to-goodness Bashman news from Oregon: While I was away on vacation last week in the Portland, Maine area, I somehow missed the publication of a newspaper article that mentioned me by name.

Zane Sparling of The Oregonian had an article headlined “Online reviewers in Oregon on notice: Supreme Court declines to offer ordinary people higher media protection from libel suits.”

The article mentions me because I was among the participants in an amicus brief that law professor Eugene Volokh filed in the case.

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“We should stop giving the Founding Fathers capital-letter reverence; The authors of the Constitution were brilliant, but deifying them plays into the dubious claims of the ‘originalist’ legal movement”: Tom Chaffin has this essay online at The Boston Globe.

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“IVF treatment can continue under Texas’ current abortion law, experts say; Doctors and legal experts say Texas’ anti-abortion laws haven’t yet affected fertility treatments, and it appears an unlikely target for anti-abortion groups in the state”: María Méndez of The Texas Tribune has this report.

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“Conservatives Killed the Supreme Court Nomination of Harriet Miers, Dooming Roe v. Wade; In 2005, the right stopped George W. Bush’s pick for the Court; Would it have been very different if she had made it?” Bill Scher has this essay online at Washington Monthly.

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“How Justice Amy Coney Barrett is wielding enormous influence on the Supreme Court; Barrett’s vote has given conservatives on the Supreme Court the margin they needed to change the court’s interpretation of the law on abortion, immigration and other controversial issues”: John Fritze of USA Today has this report.

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