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Friday, July 29, 2022

“At least 43 abortion clinics shut in month after Supreme Court overturned Roe, research says, with more likely to close”: Jen Christensen and Tierney Sneed of CNN have this report.

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“Supreme Court rules ignoring a partner’s request to wear condom could qualify as sexual assault”: Marsha McLeod of The Toronto Globe and Mail has this report.

Catherine Porter of The New York Times reports that “Breaking Agreement to Use a Condom Is a Sex Crime, Canada High Court Rules; The Supreme Court ruling is one of the strictest in a recent spate of measures addressing deceptive condom use, as courts try to define consent.”

Karina Tsui of The Washington Post reports that “Canadian court says ignoring request to wear condom violates consent.”

The Canadian Press reports that “Supreme Court rules condom use can be a condition of sexual consent in assault cases; The court has ordered a new trial in a B.C. case in which a complainant told a new sexual partner that she would only have sex with him if he wore a condom.”

Ismail Shakil of Reuters reports that “Removing condom without consent a sexual offence, says Canada’s top court.”

And Richard Raycraft of CBC News reports that “Supreme Court rules not wearing condom against partner’s wishes could lead to sexual assault conviction.”

You can access today’s ruling of the Supreme Court of Canada at this link.

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“How Six States Could Overturn the 2024 Election; The Supreme Court may let state legislatures decide the presidency”: Barton Gellman of The Atlantic has this report.

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“Merrick Garland: effects of Supreme Court abortion ruling are ‘immediate, wide-ranging, devastating’; Attorney general says Biden administration working to protect abortion services.” Alex Swoyer of The Washington Times has this report.

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“DOJ official pressed on targeting of Supreme Court justices; Justice’s national security chief vows to fight threats and acts of violence, but says some reprehensible speech is protected by First Amendment”: Josh Gerstein of Politico has this report.

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“When Can Dying Patients Get a Lifesaving Abortion? These Hospital Panels Will Now Decide; Abortion bans force ethics committees to determine when a pregnancy is lethal enough to justify termination.” Mark Joseph Stern has this jurisprudence essay online at Slate.

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“Alito’s Speech Mocking Foreign Leaders Has a Deeper, Darker Message; To the justice, ‘secular society’ poses a threat to religious freedom — and state-sponsored indoctrination is the only solution”: Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Joseph Stern have this jurisprudence essay online at Slate.

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“Supreme Court probe into leak of draft opinion on abortion narrows list of suspects; Individuals who may have had access to the draft opinion were asked to turn over their cellphones and sign affidavits”: Shannon Bream and Bill Mears of Fox News have this report.

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“Justices worry about the future of the Supreme Court — and point fingers as to who’s to blame”: Ariane de Vogue of CNN has this report.

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“Biden nominates state Supreme Court Justice Maria A. Kahn to a 3rd CT seat on U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals”: Edmund H. Mahony of The Hartford Courant has this report.

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“Michigan high court bars discrimination on sexual orientation”: Beth LeBlanc has this front page article in today’s edition of The Detroit News.

In today’s edition of The Detroit Free Press, Dave Boucher has a front page article titled “Michigan Supreme Court: Law bans discrimination based on sexual orientation.”

And Ed White of The Associated Press reports that “Michigan Supreme Court says anti-bias law protects LGBTQ.”

You can access yesterday’s 5-to-2 ruling of the Supreme Court of Michigan at this link.

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“Biden nominates abortion rights lawyer in U.S. Supreme Court case to federal judgeship”: Nate Raymond of Reuters has this report.

Ariane de Vogue and Betsy Klein of CNN report that “Biden nominates lawyer who represented Mississippi abortion clinic at Supreme Court in Dobbs case for federal judgeship.”

And Madison Alder of Bloomberg Law reports that “Biden Taps Abortion Lawyer From Dobbs Case for First Circuit.”

The White House today issued a news release titled “President Biden Names Twenty-Fourth Round of Judicial Nominees.”

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