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Thursday, August 4, 2022

“What Pro-Lifers Should Learn From Kansas; They asked for too much because they failed to prepare for the debate over abortion after”: Columnist Peggy Noonan has this essay online at The Wall Street Journal.

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“After 2,500 arguments and 24 years in statewide office, Maureen O’Connor takes a bow”: Laura A. Bischoff of The Columbus Dispatch has an article that begins, “Despite calls by some Republican lawmakers for her impeachment, Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor has her fans.”

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“Senate panel ties over Sixth Circuit nominee with history of gun control work; Rachel Bloomekatz drew Republican ire at her confirmation hearing for her work on several cases alongside Everytown for Gun Safety”: Rose Wagner of Courthouse News Service has this report.

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You can register now to attend the 2022 Appellate Judges Education Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona: This year’s AJEI Summit will take place November 10-13, 2022, and I am planning to attend. You can see a list of the session topics and the scheduled speakers here and register to attend via this link.

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“After Supreme Court ruling, it’s open season on US gun laws”: Lindsay Whitehurst and Alanna Durkin Richer of The Associated Press have this report.

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“The Decline and Fall of John Yoo; The man who was the conservative legal movement’s favorite torture enthusiast has been reduced to taking unearned victory laps over the Supreme Court’s COVID-19 jurisprudence”: James LaRock has this post at Balls and Strikes.

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“Prison Abolitionism and the Academy’s Decline; The legal profession’s call to abolish prisons only alienates the public, who will regard the academy more than ever as a bastion of folly”: John O. McGinnis has this post at the “Law & Liberty” blog.

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“The Next Big Threat to American Democracy Is Headed to the Supreme Court: The right-wing legal movement’s latest dangerous idea is ‘independent state legislature theory,’ and the high court’s conservative bloc just might dream it into existence.” Matt Ford has this essay online at The New Republic.

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“Oral arguments in two cases with Texas connections scheduled for fall Supreme Court term; One case challenges the Indian Child Welfare Act and the other is concerned with when prisoners can seek DNA testing”: Rebekah Alvey of The Dallas Morning News has this report.

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“Roe v. Wade ruling spurs LGBT Texans to change plans, leave state; Weddings planned; Wills updated; Homes for sale; Some LGBT Texans are making moves over concerns that their rights are at risk after the fall of Roe”: Lauren McGaughy of The Dallas Morning News has this report.

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