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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

“GOP grill Biden judicial nominee over views on bar exam racial bias reform”: Nate Raymond of Reuters has this report.

Ronn Blitzer of Fox News reports that “Biden judicial nominee says she didn’t write diversity recommendations from committee she co-chaired; Judge Tamika Renee Montgomery-Reeves did not say whether she agreed or disagreed with certain recommendations.”

And Brad Kutner of The National Law Journal reports that “Debate Over Originalism Swamps Senate Judiciary Hearing; While Chuck Grassley has long asked about a nominee’s ‘judicial philosophy,’ Wednesday was the first time the Iowa senator acknowledged the criticism he’s received for the question.”

You can access via this link the video of today’s U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing for judicial nominees.

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“How Giant Corporations Are Using Fake Bankruptcies to Hang Consumers Out to Dry; A dumb joke from The Office is now the preferred method of America’s largest corporations trying to avoid responsibility for the harm they cause”: Max Kennerly has this post at Balls and Strikes.

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“Obamacare can’t require coverage for some HIV drugs, federal judge rules; The decision — citing an employer’s religious freedom — is likely to be appealed”: Mark Johnson of The Washington Post has this report.

Jacob Gershman of The Wall Street Journal reports that “Judge Rules Against Health Law’s Requirement to Cover HIV-Prevention Drugs; Preventive-care rule burdens religious exercise of Christian employer, judge says.”

Sheryl Gay Stolberg of The New York Times reports that “Texas Judge’s Ruling Puts Free Preventive Care in Jeopardy; A federal judge in Texas found that the Affordable Care Act’s process for determining what kinds of preventive care should be covered by insurance violates the Constitution.”

And Stephen Paulsen of Courthouse News Service reports that “Judge sides with far-right activist challenging HIV drug coverage mandate; The ruling, if upheld, could curb access to contraceptives and drugs that limit the spread of HIV.”

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“Civil rights attorneys say a 100-year-old law in Mississippi is unconstitutional”: This audio segment appeared on today’s broadcast of WBUR’s “Here & Now.”

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“The Supreme Court May Have Given Beto O’Rourke a Chance; As a candidate for Texas governor, O’Rourke was considered a long shot; But the state’s new — and extreme — abortion restrictions have galvanized his campaign”: Rachel Monroe has this Letter from the Southwest online at The New Yorker.

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“Michigan judge rules 1931 law criminalizing most abortions is unconstitutional”: Dave Boucher of The Detroit Free Press has this report.

Beth LeBlanc of The Detroit News reports that “Judge issues permanent injunction blocking enforcement of Michigan’s abortion ban.”

Erik Larson of Bloomberg News reports that “Michigan’s 1931 Abortion Ban Is Permanently Blocked by State Judge; Judge cites ‘wholesale denial’ of women’s ‘fundamental right’; Ruling comes in wake of US Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe.”

Brendan Pierson and Kanishka Singh of Reuters report that “Michigan’s 90-year-old abortion ban is unconstitutional, judge rules.”

And Ed White of The Associated Press reports that “Judge strikes down 1931 Michigan law criminalizing abortion.”

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“Texas Judge Says HIV Drug Mandate Violates Religious Freedom; Ruling in federal court in Texas concerns Gilean PrEP drugs; Company said it didn’t want to subsidize ‘homosexual behavior'”: Erik Larson of Bloomberg News has this report.

Brendan Pierson of Reuters reports that “Texas judge rules Obamacare HIV prevention drug mandate unconstitutional.”

David Mack of BuzzFeed News reports that “A Federal Judge Ruled Religious Employers Shouldn’t Have To Provide HIV Prevention Medicine; The Texas judge, who has a history of conservative rulings that are later overturned on appeal, ruled that mandating employers to provide PrEP violated their federal religious protections.”

And at MSNBC’s “Maddowblog,” Steve Benen has a post titled “Notorious judge rejects coverage of groundbreaking HIV drugs; Reed O’Connor isn’t famous, but the judge who just ruled against the ACA’s preventive care benefits is notorious in legal/political circles for a reason.”

You can access today’s ruling of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas at this link.

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“The Week in Federal Appellate Jurisdiction: August 28–September 3, 2022; The strictures of Rule 54(b) judgments, admiralty appeals from the dismissal of crossclaims, the scope of qualified-immunity appeals, and an odd Rule 3(c) decision.” Bryan Lammon has this post at his “final decisions” blog.

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“Oyez! Oyez! Let the public hear the Supreme Court’s arguments and opinions in real time. The court should not let the ongoing pandemic nor increased security measures stand in the way of transparency.” This editorial appears in today’s edition of The Boston Globe.

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