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Thursday, September 22, 2022

“Justice Dept. says it would defend Veterans Affairs medical workers in abortion cases; This narrow policy underscores just how few legal tools the Biden administration has to significantly shape abortion rights in the country”: Perry Stein of The Washington Post has this report.

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“Affirmative Action Cases Lead What Could Prove Another Momentous Supreme Court Term”: Mark Walsh of Education Week has this report.

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“Trump Claims He Declassified Documents. Why Don’t His Lawyers Say So in Court? Judges this week highlighted the gap between Mr. Trump’s public claims that he declassified everything and his lawyers’ reluctance to repeat that claim in a courtroom.” Glenn Thrush, Alan Feuer, and Charlie Savage of The New York Times have this report.

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“Judge Aileen Cannon’s Reign of Madness Is Over; Here’s why the 11th Circuit, including two Trump judges, ruled in favor of the Department of Justice”: Mark Joseph Stern has this jurisprudence essay online at Slate.

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“The Eleventh Circuit Cleans Up the Mess”: Quinta Jurecic, Natalie K. Orpett, and Benjamin Wittes have this post at the “Lawfare” blog.

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“Trump’s Declassification Defense Draws Skepticism From Judges; Both appeals court and special master cast doubt on relevance of Trump’s claim that he declassified Mar-a-Lago documents”: Jan Wolfe of The Wall Street Journal has this report.

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“House Democrats introduce bill to expand U.S. appeals courts”: Nate Raymond of Reuters has a report that begins, “Democratic lawmakers have introduced legislation to add another 51 judges to the country’s federal appeals courts, a move they say is necessary to reduce case backlogs but that would also give President Joe Biden a chance to appoint more judges.”

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“Adnan Syed’s Accidental Justice: His exoneration shows the legal system is designed to cement wrongful convictions, not correct them.” Law professor Lara Bazelon has this essay online at New York magazine.

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“Affidavits: More pregnant minors who were raped denied Ohio abortions; Documents describe dozens of painful situations under Ohio abortion restrictions.” Marty Schladen of Ohio Capital Journal has this report.

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“Abortion rights lawyer vows as judge to follow U.S. Supreme Court ruling”: Nate Raymond of Reuters has this report.

Julia Shapero of The Hill reports that “GOP senators grill Biden judicial nominee over past abortion advocacy.”

And Brad Kutner of The National Law Journal reports that “Julie Rikelman, Attorney Who Defended Abortion at Supreme Court, Lambasted by Republicans in Confirmation Hearing; The attacks came hard and fast as senators used the opportunity to attack the abortion advocate who lost a landmark abortion case this past term.”

You can view the video of yesterday’s U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing for judicial nominees via this link.

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“The Biden administration supports the death penalty; Although Biden’s campaign promised to ‘eliminate the death penalty,’ his administration told a court in a case last week that AG Merrick Garland ‘has decided to continue to seek the death penalty'”: Chris Geidner has this post at his “Law Dork” Substack site.

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“Politics has no place on the Michigan Supreme Court, candidates say”: Arpan Lobo of The Detroit Free Press has this report.

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“DOJ strikes deal with Newton judge charged with helping immigrant evade ICE capture; The agreement allows for the dismissal of federal charges against Judge Shelley Joseph, though the case will be referred to the Massachusetts Commission on Judicial Conduct”: Shelley Murphy of The Boston Globe has this report.

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“Judge blocks Indiana’s new abortion law — for now”: Shari Rudavsky and Kaitlin Lange of The Indianapolis Star have this report.

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“Both sides in Yeshiva lawsuit agree to stay; Stay will allow University to continue appeal without threat of sanctions”: Becket has posted this news release online today.

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