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Friday, April 28, 2023

“What happens to Moore v. Harper after the latest North Carolina Supreme Court decision in the partisan gerrymandering case?” Derek Muller has this post at the “Election Law Blog.”

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“North Carolina Gerrymander Ruling Reflects Politicization of Judiciary Nationally; When it had a Democratic majority last year, the North Carolina Supreme Court voided the state’s legislative and congressional maps as illegal gerrymanders; Now the court has a Republican majority, and says the opposite”: Michael Wines of The New York Times has this report.

Patrick Marley and Robert Barnes of The Washington Post report that “N.C. Supreme Court reverses redistricting ruling in a win for Republicans.”

Laura Kusisto of The Wall Street Journal reports that “North Carolina’s Highest Court Reverses Course on Voting Decisions; Court with new Republican majority rejects gerrymandering challenge, allows voter-ID law, bars voting rights for some felons.”

Dawn Baumgartner Vaughan and Luciana Perez Uribe Guinassi of The News & Observer of Raleigh, North Carolina report that “NC Supreme Court reverses its past rulings on major voting rights cases.”

And Travis Fain of WRAL reports that “NC Supreme Court says judges can’t stop partisan gerrymandering; The decision opens the door for the legislature’s GOP majority to draw districts that help lock in power at the statehouse, and contribute to Republican power in Congress; The state’s high court also decided two long-running voting cases Friday, including one on voter ID.”

You can access here and here today’s two rulings of the Supreme Court of North Carolina.

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“Justice Samuel Alito: ‘This Made Us Targets of Assassination’; The author of the Dobbs abortion ruling answers attacks on the court’s ‘legitimacy’; He says he thinks he knows who leaked the draft and is certain about the motive.” James Taranto and David B. Rivkin Jr. will have this new installment of The Weekend Interview in tomorrow’s issue of The Wall Street Journal.

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“Jane Roberts, who is married to Chief Justice John Roberts, made $10.3 million in commissions from elite law firms, whistleblower documents show”: Mattathias Schwartz of Insider has this report.

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“Revealed: Senate investigation into Brett Kavanaugh assault claims contained serious omissions; The 2018 investigation into the then supreme court nominee claimed there was ‘no evidence’ behind claims of sexual assault.” Stephanie Kirchgaessner of The Guardian (UK) has this report.

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“Can Texas Really Put the Ten Commandments in Public Schools? By overturning 50 years of precedent on the separation of church and state, the Supreme Court has opened the door to a flood of religious legislation.” Law professor Noah Feldman has this essay online at Bloomberg Opinion.

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“Conservative dissenters block abortion limits in Nebraska, South Carolina”: Brittany Shammas, Dan Rosenzweig-Ziff, Rachel Roubein, and Caroline Kitchener of The Washington Post have this report.

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