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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

“Senate Confirms Abortion-Rights Lawyer to U.S. Appeals Court; Biden nominee Julie Rikelman argued in Supreme Court case that overruled Roe v. Wade”: Laura Kusisto of The Wall Street Journal has this report.

Andrew Goudsward of Reuters reports that “Senate confirms abortion rights lawyer to US appeals court.”

Devan Cole of CNN reports that “Senate confirms lawyer who represented Mississippi abortion clinic at Supreme Court in Dobbs case for federal judgeship.”

Jennifer Bendery of HuffPost reports that “Senate Confirms Prominent Abortion-Rights Lawyer To Be A Federal Judge; Julie Rikelman, who represented an abortion clinic in the landmark Supreme Court case that gutted Roe v. Wade, will now serve on a U.S. appeals court.”

And in commentary, online at Vox, Ian Millhiser has an essay titled “One of America’s top abortion rights lawyers was just confirmed as a federal judge; Julie Rikelman, the abortion rights movement’s top Supreme Court litigator, will serve on the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit.”

This evening, the U.S. Senate confirmed Julie Rikelman to a seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit by a vote of 51-to-43.

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“What Justice John Paul Stevens’s Papers Reveal About Affirmative Action; Twenty years ago, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor wrote, in a draft opinion, that white applicants could not be favored over Asian Americans; Why did she delete those lines — and why did Justice Clarence Thomas adopt them in his own opinion?” Law professor Jeannie Suk Gersen has this article online at The New Yorker.

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“ProPublica Misleads Its Readers; The publication levels false charges about Supreme Court recusal, financial disclosures and a 2008 fishing trip”: Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. will have this op-ed in Wednesday’s edition of The Wall Street Journal. ProPublica has not yet published the report that is the subject of this op-ed.

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“The Man Behind the Supreme Court Case Seeking to End Affirmative Action; Justices to decide within days on what Edward Blum calls ‘racial gerrymandering’ in college admissions”: Douglas Belkin of The Wall Street Journal has this report.

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“Eastman disbarment proceedings over 2020 election begin in California; The conservative attorney has been accused of developing a legal roadmap to help President Donald Trump stay in power after losing the presidential election”: Jacqueline Alemany and Amy B Wang of The Washington Post have this report.

David Thomas of Reuters reports that “Ex-Trump lawyer Eastman faces disciplinary trial over election scheme.”

Joyce E. Cutler of Bloomberg Law reports that “Trump Lawyer Eastman Stands Ethics Trial Over Election Plot.”

And Kyle Cheney of Politico reports that “Eastman plan to keep Trump in power faces a reckoning, as authorities seek his disbarment; Disciplinary proceedings began Tuesday against John Eastman, the legal architect of Trump’s bid to subvert the 2020 election.”

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“Gov. Ron DeSantis used secretive panel to flip state Supreme Court; Leonard Leo, the key architect of the U.S. Supreme Court’s conservative majority, led the advisers who helped DeSantis reshape the state court”: Beth Reinhard and Josh Dawsey of The Washington Post have this report.

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“Good News for the Indian Child Welfare Act”: You can access yesterday’s episode of the “Strict Scrutiny” podcast via this link. Rebecca Nagle, host of the “This Land” podcast, appears as a guest.

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“The Supreme Court’s Racial Misfire; The Justices save the Indian Child Welfare Act, for now”: This editorial appears in today’s edition of The Wall Street Journal.

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“Judicial Notice (06.17.23): Will The Robots Take Our Jobs? One leading litigator leaving Kirkland, two Biglaw layoffs, a nine-figure settlement, and other legal news from the week that was.” David Lat has this post at his “Original Jurisdiction” Substack site.

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