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Thursday, August 31, 2023

“Clarence Thomas Enlists Lawyer to Fight ‘Political Blood Sport’”: Kimberly Strawbridge Robinson and Lydia Wheeler of Bloomberg Law have this report.

You can access the attorney’s statement — titled “Elliot S. Berke Releases Statement on Behalf of Client Justice Clarence Thomas” — at this link.

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“Infamous War Crimes Enthusiast: Clarence Thomas Is Good, Actually; Many of the justice’s former clerks urging the public to trust the justice have their own histories of untrustworthy judgment.” Madiba K. Dennie has this post at Balls and Strikes.

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“In a small Rhode Island town, a big issue about the First Amendment; Legal ads bring a lot of revenue to little local newspapers; What happens when local politicians pull them?” Amanda Milkovits of The Boston Globe has this report.

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“Chief Justice Burger’s Law Clerks Will Gather Again; Warren E. Burger’s clerks — dubbed the ‘WEB Fete Society’ — will reunite at the high court in October”: Tony Mauro of The National Law Journal has this post at his “The Marble Palace Blog.”

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“Alabama can prosecute those who help women travel for abortion, attorney general says”: Amy Yurkanin of Alabama Media Group has this report.

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“Justice Thomas Reports Private Trips With Harlan Crow; Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel A. Alito Jr. had asked for extensions on their annual forms that show travel, gifts and other financial information”: Abbie VanSickle of The New York Times has this report.

Ann E. Marimow and Emma Brown of The Washington Post report that “Justice Thomas details jet travel, property deal with billionaire; Supreme Court justice reports three trips on Harlan Crow’s private jet in 2022, says one was for security reasons after leak of abortion ruling.”

Jess Bravin of The Wall Street Journal reports that “Clarence Thomas Fires Back at Allegations of Ethical Breaches; Supreme Court justice’s lawyer says critics are ‘motivated by hatred for his judicial philosophy.’

John Fritze of USA Today reports that “Clarence Thomas discloses more private jet travel paid for by GOP megadonor Harlan Crow.”

Alex Swoyer of The Washington Times reports that “Supreme Court Justice Thomas reveals 3 trips with billionaire Harlan Crow in new filing.”

And in commentary, in Friday’s edition of The Wall Street Journal, columnist James Taranto will have an op-ed titled “Clarence Thomas Discloses, the Media Opposes; The justice’s 2022 filing confirms the Journal’s debunking of ProPublica’s botched April story.”

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“Natural Law and Popular Sovereignty: A Response to My Anonymous Critic; Another critique fails to establish a divergence between originalism and natural law.” Law professor J. Joel Alicea has this essay online at National Review.

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“Pa. Justices Remand ‘Mallory’ to Trial Court, Registration Statute Uncertainty Expected to Linger; The Tuesday ruling shut down the defendants’ bid for a fast-tracked examination of whether or not the consent by registration statute violates the U.S. Constitution’s dormant Commerce Clause — a question that draws a concurring opinion from Justice Samuel Alito Jr. suggesting the statute may overly restrict interstate commerce”: Aleeza Furman of The Legal Intelligencer has this report on a per curiam order that the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania issued Tuesday.

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“The Supreme Court Is Infected With the ‘Most Damaging’ Human Bias; It’s not the justices’ politics that are making them unpopular; It’s their overconfidence”: Law professor Aaron Tang has this essay online at Politico Magazine.

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“Clarence Thomas officially discloses private trips on GOP donor Harlan Crow’s plane”: Ariane de Vogue of CNN has this report.

You can access the Financial Disclosure Report for Calendar Year 2022 of Justice Clarence Thomas at this link.

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