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Monday, September 11, 2023

“What to know as Israel’s Supreme Court takes up the judicial overhaul”: Shira Rubin of The Washington Post has this report.

Ohad Zwigenberg of The Associated Press reports that “Protests against Israel’s judicial overhaul kick off at Supreme Court a day before crucial hearing.”

Maayan Lubell reports that “Protests grip Israel ahead of historic Supreme Court session.”

And The Times of Israel reports that “Security for justices said boosted ahead of high-stakes judicial overhaul hearing; Protection upped for 15 justices who will hear petitions against ‘reasonableness’ law; some judges reportedly spending the night away from home as precaution.”

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“Is Wichita’s disorderly conduct law unconstitutional? Kansas Supreme Court to decide.” Matthew Kelly of The Wichita Eagle has this report.

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“Can the Wisconsin Supreme Court overcome its fractured relations? Observers fear a point of no return.” Jessie Opoien of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has this report.

In related coverage, Molly Beck of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that “Lawsuit asks state Supreme Court to block Republican lawmakers from seeking to impeach Protasiewicz.”

Alexander Shur of The Wisconsin State Journal reports that “Lawsuit asks Wisconsin Supreme Court to block impeachment before Assembly acts.”

And Christine Fernando and Harm Venhuizen of The Associated Press report that “Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates often speak out on hot topics; Only one faces impeachment threat.”

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“Two Pieces to the Puzzle: Long Conference Petitions and Granted Cases for OT 2023.” Adam Feldman has this post at his “Empiical SCOTUS” blog.

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“The Supreme Court of Canada and the Supreme Court of the United States successfully conclude judicial exchange”: The Supreme Court of Canada today issued a news release that begins, “The Right Honourable Richard Wagner, P.C., Chief Justice of Canada concluded a productive two-day meeting with a delegation from the United States Supreme Court last week. Members of the Supreme Court of Canada were delighted to host the Chief Justice of the United States John G. Roberts, Jr., Associate Justice Elena Kagan and retired Associate Justice Stephen G. Breyer in Ottawa and Montreal.”

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