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Friday, November 10, 2023

“Even after almost a decade, Dan Markel murder saga may not be over”: Jeff Burlew of The Tallahassee Democrat has this report.

Posted at 1:26 PM by Howard Bashman

“The Crystal Clanton case shows a system failure”: Online at The Washington Post, columnist Ruth Marcus has an essay that begins, “Well, so much for getting to the bottom of the story of Crystal Clanton, the judicial law clerk accused of sending racist texts.”

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“Michigan Supreme Court hears 2020 election robocall misinformation case”: Anna Liz Nichols of Michigan Advance has this report.

And Josh Gerstein of Politico reports that “Trump’s false election claims lurk in background as court weighs robocall case; Trump’s false election claims arose during a Michigan Supreme Court argument over the prosecutions of two right-wing provocateurs.”

You can access the briefs filed in the case via this link. And at some point in the not too distant future, the oral argument video should be posted on YouTube.

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“Justice Barrett gets standing ovation at Federalist Society gala; Outside the gathering of the conservative legal group, protesters proclaim the Supreme Court ‘is not for sale’”: Ann E. Marimow of The Washington Post has this report.

Devan Cole of CNN reports that “Justice Amy Coney Barrett reflects on life on the court during Federalist Society talk.”

Josh Gerstein and Josh Sisco of Politico report that “Justice Barrett keeps it light at Federalist Society gala; With Supreme Court immersed in controversy, the Trump-appointed justice paints a picture of collegial court.”

Kaelan Deese of Washington Examiner reports that “Justice Barrett recalls feeling ‘confined’ by Supreme Court security detail post-nomination.”

And Katelynn Richardson of Daily Caller reports that “Justice Amy Coney Barrett Reveals Most Dramatic Part Of Her Transition To SCOTUS.”

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“Expensive judicial races might be here to stay in Pennsylvania after record high court campaign”: Marc Levy of The Associated Press has this report.

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