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Thursday, November 30, 2023

“Senate Panel Approves Subpoenas in Supreme Court Ethics Inquiry; The decision to try to compel cooperation from a leading judicial activist and a Republican megadonor came over fierce G.O.P. opposition and threats of retaliation”: Carl Hulse of The New York Times has this report.

Ann E. Marimow of The Washington Post reports that “Democrats vote to subpoena Supreme Court conservative allies Crow, Leo.”

Jess Bravin of The Wall Street Journal reports that “Senate Committee to Subpoena Supreme Court Justices’ Conservative Benefactors; Democrats seek records from billionaire Harlan Crow, ex-Federalist Society head Leonard Leo.”

Riley Beggin and John Fritze of USA Today report that “Senate Democrats vote to subpoena Harlan Crow, Leonard Leo in Supreme Court ethics probe as GOP storms out; Republicans on the panel slammed the move as political theater and accused the 11 Democrats of violating committee rules.”

And in commentary, Friday’s edition of The Wall Street Journal will contain an editorial titled “The Senate’s Supreme Court Subpoena Games; Democrats bulldoze the rules in order to tarnish conservative Justices and their friends.”

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“Pennsylvania Tied Vote Decided By Drawing of Lots after Court Ruling that Undated But Timely-Arriving Mail Ballots Had to Be Counted under the Materiality Provision of the Civil Rights Act”: Rick Hasen has this post at his “Election Law Blog.”

And in other coverage, Dan Sokil and Rachel Ravina of The Reporter of Lansdale, Pennsylvania have an article headlined “Towamencin winner declared: NOPE founder Kofi Osei beats incumbent Supervisor Rich Marino in drawing of lots; Tied Upper Perkiomen School Board race also determined by drawing.”

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“Firearms Control: It’s Time for a Common-Sense Bargain; Trading an assault weapons ban for reducing federal police presence.” Online at The American Spectator, George Liebmann has an essay that begins, “The last 50 years have confirmed Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson’s warning against a Supreme Court interference on abortion and gun control measures.”

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“Senate Judiciary Committee authorizes subpoenas for Harlan Crow and Leonard Leo in Supreme Court ethics probe”: Melissa Quinn of CBS News has this report.

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“My Bit Role in Ashcroft Hospital Saga; ‘You might have just saved this presidency’”: Ed Whelan has this post at his “Confirmation Tales” Substack site.

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“Pandemonium in Senate Judiciary Committee as Dems prepare to take up SCOTUS ethics subpoenas; Republicans, accusing their colleagues of undertaking a political exercise, derailed a committee meeting before lawmakers could even begin to debate a pair of legal summonses for influential conservative figures”: Benjamin S. Weiss of Courthouse News Service has this report.

John Kruzel and Andrew Chung of Reuters report that “US Senate Democrats prepare to vote on Supreme Court ethics subpoenas.”

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“A MAGA court in New Orleans is shaping the Supreme Court’s agenda; The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals makes SCOTUS look moderate by comparison”: Steven Mazie will have this article (subscription required for full access) in the next print edition of The Economist.

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