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Sunday, January 21, 2024

“The Death Penalty Makes a Comeback; Federal prosecutors seek the ultimate punishment for the Buffalo shooter”: Law professor Craig S. Lerner will have this op-ed in Monday’s edition of The Wall Street Journal.

Posted at 9:02 PM by Howard Bashman

“In Judge Kaplan’s court, Trump plays with fire; A misbehaving defendant claims to want a showdown Monday with a judge who has a unique track record on contempt”: Shayna Jacobs and Devlin Barrett of The Washington Post have this report.

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“Judicial Notice (01.20.24): Back To The Future; The fate of Chevron, a major move in the D.C. boutique world, another Biglaw discrimination lawsuit, and other legal news from the week that was.” David Lat has this post at his “Original Jurisdiction” Substack site.

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“Why the Supreme Court ought to punt on Trump’s eligibility”: Columnist Jason Willick has this essay online at The Washington Post.

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“Overturning ‘Chevron’ Can Help Rebalance the Constitutional Order”: Columnist David French has this essay online at The New York Times.

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“The Abortion Provider Who Became the Most Hated Woman in New York: In nineteenth-century New York, abortion was shrouded in secrecy and stigma; But, for Madame Restell, there was no such thing as bad press.” Moira Donegan has this Under Review books essay online at The New Yorker.

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“An ‘Execute-Them-At-Any-Cost Mentality’: The Supreme Court’s New, Bloodthirsty Era. The death penalty survived decades of decline. Now it’s back, thanks to capital punishment-prone prosecutors and a compliant Supreme Court.” Law professor Lara Bazelon has this essay online at Politico Magazine.

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