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Friday, July 1, 2005

“O’Connor, First Woman Named to Supreme Court, Is Retiring”: David G. Savage will have this article Saturday in The Los Angeles Times.

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“Search for justice; O’Connor retirement opens seat on Supreme Court”: This article will appear Saturday in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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On the radio: This evening’s broadcast of NPR‘s “All Things Considered,” in addition to containing the segments I earlier linked to here, contained segments entitled “Losing a Moderate Voice on the Court” (featuring Nina Totenberg); “Senate Gears Up for Possible Court Battle“; and “Clerking for Sandra Day O’Connor.”

Today’s broadcast of the public radio program “Here & Now” contained a segment entitled “O’Connor Plans Retirement” featuring Law Professor Jonathan Turley.

This evening’s broadcast of the public radio program “On Point” included a segment entitled “Justice O’Connor Retires” featuring a bunch of interesting guests.

And Minnesota Public Radio offers the audio of a very interesting interview that Walter Isaacson, President and CEO of the Aspen Institute, conducted with Justice O’Connor approximately one year ago. And MPR this morning also discussed Justice O’Connor’s retirement with Nina Totenberg.

RealPlayer is required to launch these audio clips.

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In Saturday’s edition of The Washington Post: Peter Baker will have a front page article headlined “Supreme Court Justice O’Connor Resigns.”

Charles Lane will have a front page article headlined “In the Center, Hers Was the Vote That Counted.”

Dan Balz will have a front page news analysis headlined “Nomination Could Be Defining Moment for Bush.”

And in other coverage, “Surprise Retiree Raises the Stakes of Battle to Come“; “O’Connor Used Vote to Entrench Right to Abortion; Issue Rouses Partisans on Both Sides, But Legal Reversal Is Seen as Unlikely“; and “A Dedication to Excellence From a Jurist Without Precedent.”

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Available online via the Knight Ridder/Tribune Wire: The Chicago Tribune on Saturday will contain articles headlined “Gender, ethnicity and politics play into judicial nominee decision” and “Liberal, conservative groups kick into high gear on court vacancy.”

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch will report on Saturday that “O’Connor retires from Supreme Court.”

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel will report on Saturday that “O’Connor has long legacy in Florida cases alone.”

And in other coverage, “‘This is not just significant, it’s seismic.’

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The Dallas Morning News is reporting: In Saturday’s edition, Allen Pusey will report that “O’Connor to retire, setting stage for shift in court’s balance.”

Todd J. Gillman will report that “Polarized Senate set to battle over Supreme Court vacancy.”

In other coverage, “Groups poised to swing left and right; Replacing O’Connor’s moderate vote will have ‘monumental impact.’

And a news update reports that “Locally, O’Connor seen as a pioneer.”

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In news coverage from overseas: Saturday’s edition of The Times of London contains an article headlined “Bush braced for bloody fight over new Supreme Court nominations; The President’s choice of replacement judges will shape the future direction of American society.”

The Guardian (UK) on Saturday reports that “Retirement sparks US judiciary fight.”

And Saturday’s edition of The Telegraph (UK) reports that “Supreme Court becomes battleground as first female justice resigns.”

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Available online from Knight Ridder Newspapers: Stephen Henderson reports that “O’Connor’s independent voice made her a pivotal figure.”

Steven Thomma reports that “Civility, consensus will likely be scarce in fight over new justice.”

James Kuhnhenn reports that “Supreme Court vacancy puts pressure on Senate deal-makers.”

In other coverage, “Corporate America, organized labor have own views on vacancy.”

And an item is headlined “A look at major decisions in which O’Connor played key role.”

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“O’Connor Held Balance of Power”: In Saturday’s edition of The New York Times, Linda Greenhouse will have a news analysis that begins, “The O’Connor Court. The phrase has been used so many times over so many years to describe the Supreme Court that it is nearly a cliche. Yet the simple words capture an equally simple truth: to find out where the court is on almost any given issue, look for Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.”

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“O’Connor Resignation Triggers High-Stakes Battle”: The Los Angeles Times provides a news update by Ronald Brownstein that begins, “It’s apocalypse. Now. When Justice Sandra Day O’Connor announced her retirement this morning, White House aides, Senate Democrats and interest groups mobilizing on the left and right instantly agreed on one point: the stakes in the struggle over her successor amounted to nothing less than control of the Supreme Court.”

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Lyle Denniston of “SCOTUSblog” is reporting: His recent posts bear the headings “Rehnquist — Some hints he plans to stay” and “A ‘temporary’ replacement, and its legality.” That latter issue, of course, is one that the lawyers who sponsor “SCOTUSblog” have sought to litigate before the U.S. Supreme Court. (Also, President Bush has made two recess appointments to the federal judiciary: Charles W. Pickering, Sr. to the Fifth Circuit and William H. Pryor, Jr. to the Eleventh Circuit.)

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“‘The Gloves Are Off’: The founding editor of a nonpartisan Supreme Court blog discusses the implications of Sandra Day O’Connor’s retirement.” Newsweek’s web site offers this item.

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In the event I’m not constantly blogging about Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s retirement this holiday weekend: Tomorrow afternoon, my son and I will be at Oriole Park at Camden Yards to watch the Orioles battle the Cleveland Indians. Tomorrow’s promotional give-away is a Sandra Day O’Connor bobblehead doll — oops, make that a Miguel Tejada bobblehead doll.

And then Sunday night we’ll be back at Citizens Bank Park to watch the Philadelphia Phillies take on the Atlanta Braves.

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“O’Connor Colleagues’ Praise”: Lyle Denniston of “SCOTUSblog” provides this report on what Justice O’Connor’s colleagues are saying for press consumption about today’s news.

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On this evening’s broadcast of NPR‘s “All Things Considered“: Nina Totenberg reports that “O’Connor Steps Down from the Bench.”

And the broadcast also included a segment entitled “Looking Past O’Connor at a New High Court” (featuring Law Professors Jeffrey Rosen and Douglas W. Kmiec).

The broadcast contained additional coverage of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s retirement, and I’ll link to those segments once the audio becomes available online. RealPlayer is required to launch these audio clips.

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“Supreme Court: A just salary? Compared to the private sector, it’s not a lot. Here’s how the wage stacks up against other jobs.” CNN/Money provides this look at the financial aspect of being a U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

Of course, for the many lower court judges on this short-list, promotion would involve a pay raise.

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“Democrats Warn Bush on Choosing Successor to O’Connor”: David Stout of The New York Times provides a news update that begins, “Senators from both parties heaped praise on retiring Justice Sandra Day O’Connor today, and Democrats warned President Bush not to try to replace her with someone whose views they consider extreme. Republicans, meanwhile, signaled that they were girding for a fight.”

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“O’Connor Resignation a Critical Moment for Constitution, Crucial Test for President Bush and Senate; Replacement for pivotal Justice O’Connor will have ‘monumental impact on Americans’ lives and freedoms'”: People For the American Way has issued this press release and has launched the web site “”

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